Our DEI Mission
At Third Coast Bank, our goal is to foster an inclusive work environment where employees of different backgrounds and experiences can thrive. We strive to build a culture and workforce committed to increasing diversity and promoting equity across the organization.

"As we look to the future, we need to ensure our culture and values reflect the diversity of our team members and the communities we serve.  Our goal is to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization where everyone feels valued and respected for their unique capabilities and where everyone is engaged in our strategic vision of continued strong growth. Together, we can build an even better TCB and positively impact the communities we serve."

- Bart Caraway, President & CEO

DEI Policy

Third Coast Bank is committed to building and cultivating an inclusive, equitable and culturally diverse organization.  We know that diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives benefit our employees, customers and communities and bring value to our company and shareholders. 

Third Coast embraces all employee differences including age, gender, ethnicity, religion, family/marital status, physical ability, veteran status, and all other characteristics that make our employees unique. Further, we seek to create an inclusive environment where all feel respected, inspired to succeed, and can freely share their perspectives and ideas. 

This DEI policy provides an overview of our commitments, expectations, and individual responsibilities to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.  This applies internally within the bank as well as with our customers and in the broad communities where we operate.



  • Third Coast believes in treating all people with respect and dignity.

We will create and foster a supportive environment in which all individuals feel valued, are treated fairly and are able to realize their maximum potential.

  • Third Coast recognizes a talented, diverse workforce is a key competitive advantage. Our business success has been and will continue to be the result of the quality and capabilities of our people.

We will seek to hire, develop, and retain the best diverse talent to ensure business growth and sustainable performance.

  • Third Coast understands the importance of reflecting the diversity of our customers and communities. By doing so, Third Coast will be better able to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our diverse customers and provide relevant products and services.

We will strive to maximize the diverse capabilities of our talented workforce. 

  • Third Coast believes that the broad perspectives that result from inclusion elevate innovation and business success. Managing diversity makes us more creative, flexible, and productive.

Our leaders and managers will build diverse teams and demonstrate inclusive leadership behaviors.

  • We believe that diversity is more than a policy. It is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the best thing to do for our business.

Third Coast will implement and measure a DEI strategy designed to support greater diversity and inclusion for our employees, customers, and communities.



The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy applies to our practices and policies on recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, development and training, employee mobility, talent management, employee leaves of absence, social and wellness programs, and employee separations and terminations. The policy also applies in all general day to day interactions within the company or when representing the bank.

The policy applies to all employees, independent contractors and anyone conducting work on behalf of Third Coast Bank.  DEI is everyone’s responsibility at Third Coast and requires purposeful action as follows: 

  • Respect the dignity and diversity of all colleagues, customers, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Create an environment that is inclusive, free from discrimination, workplace harassment and bullying.
  • Enhance awareness and knowledge of diversity and unconscious bias to positively support a more inclusive workplace.
  • Utilize inclusive behaviors, e.g., respectful communication, listening to diverse perspectives, being collaborative, and engaging in activities that drive diversity and belonging.
  • Exhibit conduct that reflects inclusion during work, at work functions at or away from the work site and all other company sponsored and participative events.
  • Expect leaders to drive a culture that leverages differences, builds team diversity and inclusiveness, and serve as role models for the entire organization.


Third Coast will not tolerate behaviors or conduct that is misaligned with this policy. Any employee who believes that they or others have been subjected to discrimination or other conduct that conflicts with the DEI policy is encouraged to report the relevant facts promptly. Concerns can be raised to an employee’s manager and/or the Human Resources Department.

Reports of inappropriate actions or behavior will be swiftly and thoroughly investigated to determine the facts.  Any employee or officer found to have exhibited inappropriate conduct or behavior will be subject to corrective action up to and including termination. 

CEO Pledge

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion CEO Pledge

In mid-September, Bart Caraway signed the “CEO Action Coalition Pledge” and joined a group of more than 1,800 CEOs who pledge to advance diversity and inclusion within their workplaces.

The CEO Action Coalition began in 2017 when 10 CEOs (led by the CEO of Price Waterhouse Coopers) gathered with the belief that CEOs have a shared responsibility and capability to help build trust and solve important problems in society.

The outcome of the meeting was an agreement to form a coalition centered around four main pledge commitments involving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:  

  1. Cultivate trusting workplaces where employees can have difficult conversations.
  2. Implement or expand unconscious bias education or diversity training.
  3. Share DEI best practices. 
  4. Create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with their board of directors.

The coalition has since grown significantly over the past four years, making it the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion. The coalition’s focus is on sharing and collaborating around successful DEI efforts and relevant activities.

The CEO Action Coalition website hosts a collaboration hub where companies share the actions they have undertaken and the resulting impact. The coalition also provides the latest thought leadership, trends, and market research to its member companies in addition to workshops, communication materials and educational resources.

Joining the CEO Action Coalition is an incredibly positive step for the bank, one that we think will benefit the company, our leaders, and our employees. Equally important, we believe signing the CEO pledge and actively engaging with the coalition reinforces TCB’s commitment to drive progress on diversity and inclusion.

Commitment to Diversity And Inclusion

Takes All of Us.


CEO Action was founded on a shared belief that diversity, equity and inclusion is a societal issue, not a competitive one, and that collaboration and bold action from the business community - especially CEOs - is vital to driving change.

DEI Employee Survey
In September 2021, TCB conducted an anonymous company-wide DEI survey in order to gauge employee perceptions on key areas of diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to include voices and feedback of all employees to begin action planning for the future of our diversity initiative. 
DEI in Action 

We are excited to share that two of our esteemed leaders have been recognized by Pinnacle Women Insight Magazine for their outstanding contributions in the banking industry.  Melissa Abel, EVP of Specialty Finance, and Audrey Duncan, Chief Credit Officer, are named together as one of the Top 10 Admired Women Leaders of 2023 and are featured in the magazine and on its cover.