We are excited to announce that Third Coast Bank has made the switch to contactless debit cards. This added feature allows you a safe and easy way to pay! Simply tap your TCB debit card at a check-out terminal, no insert needed. 

Tapping to pay with your TCB Visa contactless card is a secure, convenient and touch-free way to make everyday purchases. It gets you through contactless-enabled checkout quickly with a secure and touch-free way to pay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my contactless debit card?

Already a TCB Customer?

You can order your new contactless card today or simply wait for your current debit card to expire and a contactless card will automatically be issued to you. 
  • Call the call center at 833-844-7708 to request a new card
  • Come by your local branch to request card
  • Wait for your current card to expire and your new contactless card will be automatically issued to you and sent in the mail

New TCB Customer?

If you request a debit card with your new account you will be sent a contactless debit card.

How do I know if I can tap to pay with my card?

Look for the contactless symbol on your card to know if you can use it to pay for purchases.
How do I hold my contactless card to the contactless-enabled terminal?
The terminal reads the card best when it is flat over the Contactless Symbol, versus at an angle.
Do I actually have to tap my contactless card on the contactless-enabled terminal?
No. However, the card should be close (within 1-2 inches) to the Contactless Symbol on the contactless-enabled terminal. 
How long do I need to hold my contactless card to the contactless-enabled terminal?
You should hold your contactless card to the contactless-enabled terminal for 1-2 seconds.
Can I unknowingly make a purchase if I am in close proximity to a contactless-enabled terminal?
No. Contactless technology requires the merchant to first initiate the payment, and the contactless card must be held in close proximity (1-2 inches) to the terminal for a transaction to take place.