Our Additional Business Services are available through partnerships with trusted providers.  Third Coast Bank is here to provide you with the services you need to help Grow your Business!
Lockbox Processing
Since collection of your accounts receivables is so essential for your business, we offer lockbox service to greatly streamline your accounts receivable functions.  Lockbox is a collection system in which your payments are received at a specified lockbox address, the remittances are processed and then deposited into your Third Coast Bank account.  Lockbox is ideal for companies with large dollar receivables.  By expediting the process, we put your money to work for you faster!

e-Remitt Lockbox User Login: https://weblockbox.eremitt-pps.com/

Lockbox Processing available through partnership with e-Remitt.  Talk to a Treasury Management Sales Officer for more information.

Cadence Lockbox User Login: https//tcb.weblockbx.com/account/login

Lockbox Processing available through partnership with Cadence.  Talk to a Treasury Management Sales Officer for more information. 
Merchant Card Services
Put BancCard's processing power to work for you with Merchant Card Services.  By accepting all major credit cards and debit cards, you make the payment process fast and easy for your customers.  BancCard can provide you with a terminal, virtual portal, or mobile processing solution that's right for your business.

We can put you together with a BancCard Sales Officer to discuss your needs today!
OFX- Direct Connect
Online Financial Exchange (OFX) Direct Connect connection for Intuit® products (Quicken® and QuickBooks®).  This feature is active now and available to both Retail and Treasury Management customers that use these products.  Please note that this connection type does not support Express Web Connect, the online versions of QuickBooks® and Quicken®.  Please refer to the reference guide and user guide for more information.

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